Tea drinking in China

The main secret to creating a wonderful beverage is hidden, primarily, in the qualities of the tea itself. High-quality elite Chinese tea of the new harvest – is the first step on the way to delighting in the unbelievable range of fragrances and the diverse palette of striking flavors.

Ancient wise men used to say that wasting good tea by maladroit preparation is a great disappointment. In fact, every sort of tea possesses a kind of individuality, and a person should correctly select external conditions in order to get the tea to reveal its true nature. To obtain a drink possessing the rich aroma, deep color and wonderful taste one should pay close attention to the following factors:

- the amount of dry tea leaf,

- the temperature regime applied during the brewing

- the time of brewing.

As a rule, high-quality green, white, and yellow tea of new harvest are prepared using fresh boiled water cooled down to 75-85°C; for the rest of the sorts fresh 95-100°C boiling water is suitable.

Currently, the following Chinese Tea Ceremonies exist in China: brewing tea in a teapot, in a Gaiwan, in glasses, as well as the traditional tea ceremony of Gong Fu Cha using the entire sets of special tea utensils.

Chinese Tea Ceremony in a Traditional Ceramic Teapot

Chinese Tea Ceremony in Gaiwan

Chinese Tea Ceremony in Glasses

Chinese Traditional Tea Ceremony Gong Fu Cha


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