Tea Ceremony and Reading of Ancient Spiritual Treatises

A Tea Ceremony can naturally bring people a lot of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits during the meditation practice based on reading ancient spiritual treatises.

At this precise moment, when a properly brewed tea of the highest quality with the proper amount and the right combination of biochemical elements releases them into a body and they enter a bloodstream and then a human brain, all this causes a spontaneous comprehension which cannot be explained through logic.

This comprehension or better to say insight, allows you to get to the heart of the matter with unmistakable intuitive accuracy. Whenever this happens, the comprehension of truth becomes reflected in your mind, eliminating all the doubts.

The monks used these spontaneous sparks of insight, triggered by tea drinking, during the meditation practices while reading ancient spiritual treatises.

Such meditative practice begins with reading.

In fact, it’s easier to enter the meditative state of mind for people free of any restrictions and circumstances, because it allows them to contemplate the truth of reality.

Thus, it all starts with reading but completes with meditation.

There are three types of spiritual practices: reading, meditation, and prayer.

These three practices are so interrelated that without each other are not valued as separate entities.

Because reading without meditation becomes careless and idle.

Meditation without reading is prone to mistakes.

Meditation without prayer creates vanity.

And a prayer without meditation is like a cellar without any light and heat.

In conclusion, a few words about attentiveness and concentration in a traditional tea ceremony.

A Traditional Tea Ceremony is a sacramental process, which is not fully apprehended by people. The steps of choosing a tea variety, making tea, serving tea and drinking tea are made with immaculate care and attention. The Tea Ceremony itself implies a bit more than a fulfillment of this series of tasks.

A Tea Ceremony can bring you mindfulness and open up your heart. The purpose of the ceremony is to be present to each moment, to realize that it never happened before and it will never happen again. This is the true presence of our life.



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