Our Collections and Services

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We offer:

1) Wide range of Loose Leaf Teas from China, India, and Nepal

Our collection includes the rarest varieties of green, white, oolong, red, black and flavored teas. Such teas are produced in special territories in the most optimal tea-growing conditions, collected and processed by the tea dynasties, based on their hereditary centuries-old proven technologies. Such teas are produced in limited quantities and they are a real find for a true tea connoisseur. We do not use any preservatives, artificial additives, colorings or chemical enhancers of any kind.

Our personal presence and communication with the tea families help us to make the greatest discoveries in the world of tea.

2) Traditional Chinese Teaware from porcelain and ceramics

3) Natural Silk Products

4) Chinese Tea Ceremonies

5) Tai Chi and Qigong practices combined with Tea Ceremony

6) Tea Meditation practices

7) Tea Seminars on brewing the best cup of tea


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