"Tea is the remedy of saints sustaining life at the edge of the world, a miraculous power to lengthen the years of human life. Born of mountains and valleys. The land where tea takes its roots is the land of gods and spirits. A person who consumes it adds years to his existence."

 - Myōan Eisai / Yōsai  (明菴栄西, 1141 – 1215) - a Japanese Buddhist priest,  credited with bringing both the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism and GreenTea from China to Japan.



Our mission is to source tea directly from the growers and producers.

And by that, we mean the high-quality TEA, different from the ordinary understanding of tea.

Our goal is to find and select

  • TEA which plays a symphony of tastes,

  • TEA, which brings you the greatest meditative experience,

  • TEA, which, according to the beliefs of ancient Taoists, can prolong the life...

Five Tastes Traditional Tea” is the registered trademark for our teas.


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